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Renewable Energy Fund

REF Programs:

  1. Commercial Scale Projects
  2. Small Scale Projects
  3. Community Renewables
  4. Pre-Development Feasibility Studies  (UNAVAILABLE)
  5. Early Stage Commercialization  (UNAVAILABLE)


Funding Level Information

Submission Period Funding Cap
Remaining Balance
(As of 3/12/2018)
February 15, 2018 $1,900,000 Total: $75,100

Small Scale: $5,100

Commercial: $70,000

August 6, 2018 TBD TBD
  • Unused funds will go to pending applications after the application due date or to general funds for the next round.
  • This is the total amount for all REF grant programs.
  • An update will be made frequently under the ‘remaining balance’ column.
  • May be subject to change.


Items Updated

  • Updated on 12/13/17
    1. Updated documents under the Small Scale program, Commercial Scale program, and minimum technical requirements.
    2. Funding Cap

About REF

The Commerce Corporation Renewable Energy Fund (REF) is dedicated to increasing the role of renewable energy throughout the state. The REF hopes to develop an integrated organizational structure for RI and its citizens to reap the full benefits of the cost-effective renewable energy development from diverse sources.

REF provides grants for renewable energy projects with the potential to make electricity in a cleaner, more sustainable manner, while stimulating job growth in the green technology and energy sectors of Rhode Island’s economy. Using funds from the “system benefit charge” on electric bills and Alternative Compliance Payments, the Commerce Corporation funds renewable energy projects in Small-Scale solar, Commercial Scale, and Community Renewables.

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REF Educational Materials


Renewable Energy Fund applicant process

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