Rhode Island Innovation Campus

Project Vision

The Respondent should provide the following elements within a statement of Project Vision:


1. A narrative description of the Respondent’s interest in committing substantial resources to the growth of Rhode Island’s innovation economy and the Respondent’s understanding of opportunities for industry and academic collaboration to significantly contribute to this goal within key industries.

2. A descriptive vision for the intended programmatic concept, including industry focus or focuses, proposed tenants, programs, and collaborative opportunities. Additionally, a description of the initial concept for the physical design of the facility should be provided, and may potentially include envisioned scale, location, types of facilities, and use of space by proposed tenants. An outline of the financing, including the final match, that the respondent will or will attempt to incorporate in its final proposal must be provided.


Statement of Qualifications

The Respondent should provide the following elements within a Statement of Qualifications:

1. A description of the background and capabilities of the entity or entities included in the response.

2. A description of the intended role of the entity or entities included in the response as a partner in the Innovation Campus.

3. Examples of relevant experience necessary to successfully execute the vision for an Innovation Campus including experience with public-private collaboration and contributions to innovation initiatives.


Solicitation Process

The RICC will initiate a solicitation process in Fall 2017 with the release of a Request for Proposals. Activity and discussions related to the Invitation for Expressions of Interest shall precede and inform the formal RICC procurement process. There is no opportunity for funds to be awarded during this period.


Innovation Campus Solicitation Schedule

Rhode Island Innovation Campus_Solicitation Schedule


Questions and Clarifications

Questions in regards to this Invitation should be submitted directly to riinovationcampus@commerceri.com by July 14, 2017.


Expressions of Interest Submission

Expressions of Interest may be submitted directly to riinovationcampus@commerceri.com.