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Small Business Successes

Small Business Successes

Rhode Island Small Business Assistance Program – 30 Loans and Counting! The Rhode Island Small Business Assistance Program For the first time in recent

Rebuild RI Projects Take Shape

Rebuild RI Projects Take Shape

The Rebuild RI Tax Credit has proven to be a successful economic generator, unlocking development throughout the state.

Rhode Island Innovation Campus

Rhode Island Innovation Campus

The Commerce Corporation, with the University of Rhode Island and Governor Raimondo's administration, has kicked off the process to develop a transformative Innovation Campus

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Dedicated to stimulating economic growth in Rhode Island, the Commerce Corporation is a customer service-focused agency that invests in Rhode Island’s businesses. By helping to navigate the public sector, providing financing vehicles, deploying state incentives, and investing in networking opportunities, the Commerce Corporation is in the business of business.

Growing Economic Opportunities in Rhode Island


Building the skills for success

Our comeback starts with our people. Rhode Islanders have charted a course of innovation dating back to the 18th century, and they will propel Rhode Island through the 21st century at top speed.

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KVH Industries, Inc.

KVH Industries, Inc.

Attracting new business, supporting existing enterprises

Rhode Island’s comeback depends on priming our advanced industries and our innovators for growth. There is a set of innovative companies in manufacturing, technology, maritime, food, and other sectors that already call Rhode Island home. And there are many more budding entrepreneurs in our midst.

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January 13, 2015. Leg 3 onboard Team Alvimedica. Day 10. Around the south of Sri Lanka the fleet enters the Bay of Bengal, still hanging onto the last of the strong winds that are forecasted to soon dissipate. All hands on deck for a sail change as the winds begin to ease.

January 13, 2015. Leg 3 onboard Team Alvimedica. Day 10. Around the south of Sri Lanka the fleet enters the Bay of Bengal, still hanging onto the last of the strong winds that are forecasted to soon dissipate. All hands on deck for a sail change as the winds begin to ease.

Rhode Island’s comeback depends upon one of our main industries

We must put the Ocean State on the radar for tourists considering their next trip and for businesses looking to grow. The state is investing heavily in a statewide campaign to attract visitors and businesses. A positive state image will push the tourists and convention-goers of today to be the residents and business owners of tomorrow.

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Growing business and attracting investment

Growing and attracting businesses is essential to Rhode Island’s comeback. Not only must we equip our workforce with competitive skills and position our advanced industries for growth, we must also enable and encourage businesses to create jobs.

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The Commerce Corporation is businesses’ personal knowledge source for navigating an array of business needs, government services and partner programs and benefits. Give the Commerce Corporation Navigator service a try, and you’ll get hands-on knowledge and assistance.  

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As the only state agency tracking the economic and business landscape in Rhode Island, the Commerce Corporation works with leaders to strengthen the climate for business success. Our staff experts are knowledgeable in their fields and work closely with Rhode Island businesses and specific industry sectors to advance business goals and needs. Get to know us better with the links below.

Our Staff

Your Business Convener

At the Commerce Corporation, we believe that true economic and business success happens through the participation of many. As convener, the Commerce Corporation brings together industry stakeholders, government leaders, the nonprofit and institutional community, and partner organizations to create opportunities, implement strategies, and collaborate on effective actions for the economic development of Rhode Island. Check out our current projects to learn more about this work. 

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Seafreeze, Ltd.

In 2014, Rhode Island food and seafood companies made great progress growing their export sales with Rhode Island Commerce Corporation and Food Export-Northeast’s assistance.

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Greencore USA

When Greencore needed to expand its production facility in the northeast, the company chose to come to Quonset Business Park in Rhode Island for

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Artic Tool & Engineering

When the Carlyle Johnson Machine Company (CJMC) – the Connecticut-based parent company of wholly owned subsidiary Artic Tool & Engineering Company – decided to

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