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Raimondo Administration Announces Additional Recipients of Take It Outside Grants
$3.1 million in awards will help increase commerce while fighting COVID-19

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Governor Raimondo and Rhode Island Commerce today announced recipients of the second round of Take It Outside grants, totaling more than $3.1 million in awards to help businesses increase outdoor activity while reducing the transmission rate of COVID-19. The awardees again include intermediary organizations such as municipalities, Chambers of Commerce, and other convening entities.

The 68 awarded intermediary organizations will use the funds to cover the cost of producing wintertime events and procuring items such as heat lamps, tents and tables.

Earlier this month, 41 intermediary organizations were awarded more than $3 million in grant awards.

“This second round of grants represents an investment in the Rhode Island organizations who have thought outside the box to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This new funding will help our businesses, communities, and nonprofits in finding even more ways to Take It Outside,” said Governor Gina M. Raimondo. “We are grateful to every business owner working to keep their customers and staff safe and healthy, and we’re going to continue to support them at every step of the way.”


“We are invigorated and inspired by the growing number of organizations and businesses that are taking it outside,” said Rhode Island Commerce Secretary Stefan Pryor. “We are grateful to Rhode Islanders for proposing yet additional – and very practical – ways to conduct business and live life outdoors. Doing so will enable us to get even more commerce going while keeping ourselves even safer.”

The round 2 awardees were selected following an RFP process in which Commerce received 124 applications requesting a total of $6.4 million in grant funding.

Other Take It Outside initiatives include making state-owned land available for fitness classes, outdoor meetings, recreational activities, and equipping outdoor office spaces with WiFi internet.

The Take It Outside initiative is one program aimed to assist the state’s business community. The Restore Rhode Island small business grant program recently announced the doubling of grant awards, a streamlined application process, and increased eligibility.

Additionally, Business Adaptation grants of up to $50,000 are now available to help companies dramatically adapt business models and pivot to stay afloat. Businesses with questions on these programs or any other Commerce initiative are encouraged to reach out to (401) 521-HELP or email info@commerceri.com.

Take It Outside Awardees (all dollar amounts ‘up to’):

Town of Westerly – $31,000

The Town of Westerly Recreation Department is proposing to procure goods, such as outdoor heat lamps, tents, tables, chairs, supplies and accessories to safely extend the outdoor fall season. These items will be used by businesses, leagues and organizations that would enable them to utilize outdoor facilities for meetings, sports and recreational play. They will also be able to utilize this equipment for an Outdoor Holiday Fair on December 6. 

Town of Glocester – $8,400

The Town of Glocester, Rhode Island to support outdoor Wi-Fi at two locations in the Town of Glocester and the support for the Glocester Business Association.

The Preservation Society of Newport County – $40,000

The Preservation Society of Newport County will receive funding for the installation of an outdoor holiday experience to encourage and increase outdoor at The Breakers, a National Historic Landmark, located at 44 Ochre Point Avenue in Newport, RI.

North Kingstown School Department – $55,000

The North Kingstown School Department is seeking funding to enable outdoor WiFi for outdoor classroom at their schools.

Narragansett School System – $55,000

The North Kingstown School Department is seeking funding to enable outdoor WiFi for outdoor classroom at their schools.

Mt Hope Trust – $46,000

Mt Hope trust is receiving funding to create an outdoor holiday market in Bristol, R.I.

WaterFire Providence – $50,000

WaterFire Providence will receive funding to enable the creation of an outdoor stage, as well as an outdoor arts market for local artists to sell their work.

City of Central Falls – $45,000

The City of Central Falls will provide tents, tables and chairs, heaters, lights, and fencing to enable restaurants to expand their operations outdoors. Central Falls will also create an outdoor dining space in Dexter Plaza.

The McAuley Corporation – $4,200

The McAuley Corporation is receiving funding to purchase items that will equip their yards at 622 Elmwood Avenue to accommodate guest seating and offers warmth and seating to the 300 people that will come each day to access the meal site and accompanying food pantry. These items will expand on the space that we have equipped earlier this year to meet the increase numbers of guests, and the change of seasons. The requested items are a tent, four propane heaters, two outdoor benches, two tables, four touchless hand sanitizer stations, two tables, and 800 reusable Grocery Totes. This will be done in partnership with the Sister of Mercy.

Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities – $40,000

With this funding, the Historic New England will create outdoor programming at Casey Farm in Saunderstown. The expansion includes the addition of two holiday markets, one in November and one in December, two additional Coastal Growers’ Markets in November, and moving indoor youth education programs outdoors.

Ocean State Charity Events – $5,000

This funding will enable charitable auctions to be conducted outdoors on behalf of many organizations and nonprofits throughout Rhode Island.

New Shoreham School District (Block Island School) – $7,500

The Block Island school district is seeking funding for equipment that would enable schools across Block Island to teach courses outside.

Tides Family Services – $23,000

The Take It Outside funding to purchase tents, tables, chairs and heaters that would allow Tides Family Services and their partners, Comprehensive Community Action Plan, the Department of Children, Youth and Families, and the Rhode Island Training School to conduct their activities outdoors.

Hopkinton Recreation Department – $9,000

The Town of Hopkinton will act as an intermediary purchasing and distributing tents, outdoor heaters, chairs & tables, lighting, power sources, and bike racks to support Hopkinton’s Main Street business community.

Town of Narragansett – $64,000

The Town of Narragansett will act as an intermediary purchasing and distributing tents, outdoor heaters, chairs & tables, lighting, power sources, and bike racks to support Narragansett’s community.

Westbay Community Action, Inc. – $8,000

Westbay Community Action, Inc. is partnering with the Westbay Marketplace and Kent County to provide their food pantry services outdoors through the use of these funds.

Hope & Main – $25,000

With this funding, Hope & Main will create heated outdoor space required for safe, contactless distribution of food in three ways:

  • Provide food to youth and families in the East Bay community outdoors
  • Outdoor pop-up space for Hope & Main businesses
  • Create an outdoor local pick-up point for What’s Good customers

Good Neighbors – $5,000

In partnership with Saint Brendan’s Catholic Church, Good Neighbors is purchasing equipment that enables them to conduct a food pantry outdoors.

Newport Public Schools – $35,000

Newport Public Schools are receiving funding for new and innovative approaches to educational delivery and creative opportunities for teachers and students. Their goal is to Take It Outside so the district is able to keep our students and staff safe while providing in-person learning for as long as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cumberland EMS Foundation – 24,000

With these funds, Cumberland EMS will partner with local businesses to enable outdoor influenza vaccinations. They will also partner with the Cumberland Senior Center to enable outdoor activities for seniors.

RI Brewers Guild – $75,000

The RI Brewers Guild are seeking funding to enable all RI Brewers to have outdoor markets for them to sell their goods outdoors.

Town of New Shoreham – $45,000

Block Island will work with the Block Island Chamber of Commerce to purchase and distribute eligible goods to local businesses.

Pump House Music Works – $30,000

The Pump House is creating an outdoor stage for artists and food trucks to perform and sell their goods outdoors.

Friends of Jamestown Seniors – $5,000

In collaboration with the Jamestown Senior Center, the Friends of Jamestown Seniors, Inc. is going to create an outdoor space that will offer seniors a safe outdoor gathering place this Fall.

Central Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce, Inc. – $25,000

The Central Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce is asking for additional funding to continue to fund requests to businesses in Warwick, West Warwick, Coventry, Cranston, and Providence a well as North Kingstown and East Greenwich to provide them with equipment that enables outdoor activity.

Town of Richmond – $55,000

The Town of Richmond is requesting funding to act as an intermediary to purchase items for outdoor use and provide those to restaurants within the town.

Town of Smithfield – $75,000

The Town intends to be an intermediary for restaurants, retailers, health clubs, yoga/cycling studios and fitness centers, small businesses, our beloved Apple Orchards & Local Farms, Greenville Library and Smithfield Senior Center by purchasing equipment for outdoor use and providing it to these entities.

Chariho Regional School District – $55,000

The Chariho Regional School District is going to use Take It Outside funding to create outdoor WiFi access points as well as to create mobile outdoor classroom kits for schools within the district.

Bristol Warren Regional School District – $55,000

The Bristol-Warren Regional School District is going to use Take It Outside funding to create outdoor WiFi access points as well as to create mobile outdoor classroom kits for schools within the district.

Wayland Square Merchants Association – $30,000

Wayland Square Merchants Association will purchase benches, bike racks, and signs to enable those in Wayland Square to dine and rest outdoors.

Marcel Holiday Marketplace – $40,000

J Marcel is acting as an intermediary to support over 90 local businesses by either procuring their services or providing them a marketplace in which they can sell their own goods. This Providence Holiday Market will feature over 70 Rhode Island owned retailers and restaurants.

Town of Bristol – $25,000

The Town of Bristol is requesting funding to purchase items that enable outdoor activity and distribute them to businesses within the region.

Town of South Kingstown – $25,000

The Town of South Kingstown is requesting funding to purchase items that enable outdoor activity and distribute them to businesses within the region.

AS220 – $35,000

AS220 is purchasing and distributing outdoor equipment for neighboring bars and restaurants.

103 Point Street LLC – $50,000

103 Point Street is purchasing and distributing outdoor equipment to businesses by the Jewelry District in Providence, Rhode Island.

Town of East Greenwich – $25,000

The Town of East Greenwich will purchase equipment for businesses on their Main Street to use and create an outdoor market.

Southside Cultural Center of Rhode Island – $50,000

The Southside Cultural Center of Rhode Island is transforming an outdoor space to be a music showcase, a community art exhibit, Gallery Nights, and a cultural marketplace where vendors can sell their cultural food, merchandise, and crafts.

Ocean State Shields, LP – $80,000

Ocean State Shields is creating outdoor shelters and igloos for the hospitality industry to use. They will partner with Eat Drink RI, Hope & Main, and the East Bay Chamber of Commerce.

The Steel Yard – $50,000

The Steel Yard is seeking to create Take It Outside kits to give to businesses and organizations that would allow them to expand their operations outside. Items in these kits include outdoor lighting, tents, signage, traffic barriers, and more.

Providence Revolving Fund – $150,000

The Providence Revolving Fund is going to make funds available to restaurants, bakeries, and markets to support outdoor dining and expand seating capacity into December 2020. The funds will be used to purchase heaters, plexiglass, tents, tables, chairs, and umbrellas.

Town of Portsmouth – $51,000

Portsmouth is going to purchase items that constitute eligible expenses and distribute those to businesses within the town.

Protect Matunuck – $50,000

Protect Matunuck is going to purchase items to enable local businesses to conduct their operations outdoors and distribute these items to those businesses.

Federal Hill Commerce Association – $25,000

The Federal Hill Commerce Association is proposing to procure and distribute goods to continue and expand the al fresco dining on Atwells Avenue later into the season. Good procured include (but are not limited to) heat lamps, lighting, and signage.

P&EE Consulting Inc. d/b/a FoodTrucksIn.com d/b/a PVD Food Trucks Events – $75,000

Through the Take It Outside funding, the Food Truck Events will be expanded into December by providing individual food truck owners with tools and assets than can be used for them to over street service or participate in collective events later into the season.

Federal Hill House Association – $25,000

The Federal Hill House Association is partnering with the Swiss Street food pantry and Olneyville Food Center to enable food pantries to conduct their operations outdoors.

Tiverton Public Schools – $65,000

Tiverton Public Schools are requesting funding to expand their wireless infrastructure to outdoor spaces across the district to enable outdoor learning.

West Broadway Neighborhood Association – $60,000

The West Broadway Neighborhood Association is proposing to purchase equipment that would enable outdoor activity, like heat lamps and barriers, and provide them to local businesses.

Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council – $25,000

In partnership with ONE Neighborhood Builders, PASA, Farm Fresh RI, City of Providence’s Racial and Environmental Justice Committee, Citizen’s Bank, Cathedral Art Metal, and Contech Medical, the Woonsquatucket River is going to build infrastructure to enable activity to be conducted outdoors longer.

Foster-Glocester Regional Schools – $55,000

The Foster-Glocester Regional Schools are going to build an Outdoor Learning and Innovation Center that will allow schools within the district to conduct their activity outdoors.

Courtland Club – $50,000

The Courtland Club is seeking to create outdoor events where movies and performances may be conducted. They will also allow for outdoor food vendors to operate at these events.

South Kingstown School District – $55,000

The South Kingstown School District is going to create outdoor learning spaces on all of their campuses using Take It Outside grant funding.

Marieville Neighborhood Partnership – $75,000

The Marieville Neighborhood Partnership is seeking funding to procure equipment to help local restaurants, health clubs, an outside library and microenterprise businesses who are located in the Charles Street Corridor and in Marieville Village to access equipment necessary to expand their operations outdoors.

Town of Burrillville – $75,000

The Town of Burrillville is requesting funding to purchase items that enable outdoor activity and distribute them to businesses within the region.

Providence After School Alliance – $47,000

The Providence After School Alliance is seeking funding to partner with Providence Schools and the City of Providence’s Recreation Department to enable youth programming to be held outside.

Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce – $150,000

The Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce is seeking funding to procure equipment that would allow businesses to conduct their operations outdoors, with a focus on office-based businesses.

Rhode Island Arts Foundation at Newport Inc., d/b/a Newport Music Festival – $10,000

This funding will be used to create an outdoor stage to enable local artists to perform outdoors.

Friends of Linden Place – $25,000

Linden Place will create an outdoor space for a outdoor winter market with partner organizations like Hope & Main as well as other a space for other outdoor activities to occur.

North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce – $100,000

The North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce will both serve as an intermediary by procuring and delivering eligible expenses to local businesses including chairs, tables, heat lamps, tents, masks, hand sanitizer, power supply, and igloos. They will also create an open market in Wickford Village.

City of Cranston – $100,000

The City of Cranston will create a subgrant for businesses to apply to in order to purchase eligible expenses and expand upon their outdoor operations.

Town of Barrington – $30,000

The Town of Barrington is proposing to provide outdoor equipment, such as heat lamps, tents, and tables, to businesses seeking to expand their outdoor capacity. They intend to provide these goods to businesses on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The Avenue Concept – $150,000

The Avenue Concept will use Take It Outside funding to light outdoor spaces and create environments for businesses to conduct their operations outdoors.

Cape Verdean Progressive Center – $6,500

The Cape Verdean Progressive Center will create an outdoor space for events that would allow local musical talent to perform and public events to be held.

Partnership for Providence Parks – $26,000

The Partnership for Providence Parks is working with Park Friends’ and Recreation Friends’ Groups as well as the Providence Department of Parks, Recreation, and Art, Culture + Tourism to create outdoor environments ensuring all people of Providence can Take It Outside.

Rhode Island for Community and Justice – $25,000

Rhode Island for Community and Justice is going to use funding to create an outdoor space for Juvenile Hearing boards to take place. This space will also be available to the Youth Action Council, Young Womxn’s Equity Coalition, the Center for Reconciliation, and the Providence Diocese.

Bike Newport – $13,000

Bike Newport is requesting funding to create an outdoor garage that will allow Newport organizations like the MET School, Newport HEZ, Newport Recreation, Newport County YMCA, the Boys and Girls Club, and Newport Public Schools to conduct outdoor activity.

Gallery Night Providence – $30,000

Gallery Night Providence will create an environment for artists to display their work outside and for members of the public to go and view this art.

Providence Warwick Convention & Visitors Bureau – $40,000

Providence Warwick Convention & Visitors Bureau is acting on an intermediary on behalf of the Roger Williams Park Zoo and related entities to procure goods that would enable outdoor activity.

RI Hospitality Education Foundation – $150,000

RI Hospitality Education Foundation will purchase attire that enables servers across the state to operate outdoors. They will also serve as a statewide reimbursement entity for hospitality businesses who are seeking to purchase outdoors equipment.

A Partnership Between the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra & Music School & The Festival Ballet Providence – $150,000

This grant will support the purchase of an outdoor hydraulic lift stage to allow both organizations to produce outdoor performances across the state. The organizations are committed to bringing the arts in an outdoor format to underserved communities across Rhode Island.