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International Trade

The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation works directly with individual businesses to evaluate needs and make a strategic plan for entering export markets. From questions like “What’s the first step in getting a product on shelves in Brazil?” to figuring out how to gather materials for an international trade show or understanding certification markings, the Commerce Corporation can help companies move down the path to selling globally.

In addition to our in-house staff, we work closely with the John H. Chafee Center for International Business at Bryant University for added resources. We connect companies with the Chafee Center’s global market research, corporate training, and strategic consulting services.  The Center assists companies by providing:

  • International market research
  • Market entry strategies for countries around the world
  • Assistance in developing international channel partners
  • Assistance in developing global pricing models
  • SWOT analysis: (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
  • International business plan writing
  • Assessment of a company’s global supply chain strategy

Whether a company wants to organize a trade mission, learn about marketing overseas, find sources of grant money in support of international trade, or participate in training sessions, the Commerce Corporation and its partners are there to show the way.

Bryant University John H. Chafee Center for International Business  |  Staff Directory

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Main Contact Information To speak with a Commerce Corporation expert, please email us at client.services@commerceri.com. We're happy to assist you.

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