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Government Contracting

The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation houses the Rhode Island Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), which is dedicated to educating and training companies on the process of selling products or services to the local, state, or federal government. PTAC offers group training and one-on-one counseling sessions on a variety of government procurement topics, and provides businesses with a deeper understanding of how government contracts work. From developing a bid to getting packaging and labeling for the military right, the process of selling to the government involves a depth of knowledge that PTAC can provide. Here are some of the services on offer:

  • Assistance with developing and writing bids and proposals
  • Assistance with federal and military specifications and standards
  • Certifications and registrations
  • Computerized bid-matching service
  • Developing a marketing strategy to the government
  • Identifying appropriate government buying offices
  • Interpretation of solicitations and government regulations
  • Understanding the language and basics of contracting
  • Understanding military packaging and labeling

Beyond technical training, the Commerce Corporation can help companies envision what PTAC means for them. For example, a local seafood company was interested in government procurement, but could not see how it was relevant to them. After conversations with the Commerce Corporation and help from PTAC, the company secured a contract providing seafood products to the Navy base in Newport.

Find out more about the potential government contracting has for your business by contacting PTAC.

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