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Expansion & Relocation

The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation is dedicated to supporting the expansion of existing in-state businesses, and helping out-of-state businesses establish themselves in Rhode Island with the location and resources they need to flourish.

Our knowledge of the lay of the land – from zoning and permitting, to related businesses and sector trends, to the characteristics of the workforce in different disciplines and areas – makes us the perfect guide for businesses seeking additional or new space. We walk local companies through the options for their growing business, and direct out-of-state businesses to the site or sites that will be an excellent new home for their organization. The Commerce Corporation can generate a report that simplifies site selection, and also broadcast to our network of Realtors who have the latest information on available locations.

Because a location is only the right one when a talented workforce, the needed permits, and the proper incentives are also in place, Commerce Corporation staff will take a company through the myriad considerations involved in expanding or relocating. We connect companies to workforce development programs, if needed, and identify the financial incentives and tax credits that apply to their business. We can help companies navigate state and local permitting, licensure and regulatory concerns. Commerce Corporation staff also introduce companies to resources that were not on their radar but could help their bottom line, like the Renewable Energy Fund or Enterprise Zones. More than guides, we are experts who can provide a fresh pair of eyes and a keen insight on the business climate in the state. Because we are dedicated to growing the economy in Rhode Island, we are dedicated to the success of all Rhode Island businesses, and we work one on one with companies to ensure that they have the tools, network, information, and resources they need to thrive.

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Hilary Fagan

Hilary Fagan

Executive Vice President Business Development

Seafreeze, Ltd.

In 2014, Rhode Island food and seafood companies made great progress growing their export sales with Rhode Island Commerce Corporation and Food Export-Northeast’s assistance.

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Artic Tool & Engineering

When the Carlyle Johnson Machine Company (CJMC) – the Connecticut-based parent company of wholly owned subsidiary Artic Tool & Engineering Company – decided to

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Dassault Systemes SIMULIA

With the help of the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation, Dassault Systemes (DS) SIMULIA moved into its new 100,000-square-foot, Class A space located in the

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