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The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation is a quasi-public organization funded primarily through an appropriation from the Rhode Island General Assembly.

Independent Audit Reports

FY 2017

FY 2016

FY 2015

FY 2014

FY 2013


Commerce Corporation Financial Reports

FY2018 Q3

FY2018 Q2

FY2018 Q1

FY2017 Q4

FY2017 Q3

FY2017 Q2

FY2017 Q1

FY2016 Q4

FY2016 Q3

FY2016 Q2

FY2016 Q1

FY2015 Q4

FY2015 Q3

FY2015 Q2

FY2015 Q1

FY2014 Q4

FY2014 Q3

FY2014 Q2

FY2014 Q1



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Main Contact Information To speak with a Commerce Corporation expert, please email us at client.services@commerceri.com. We're happy to assist you.

Seafreeze, Ltd.

In 2014, Rhode Island food and seafood companies made great progress growing their export sales with Rhode Island Commerce Corporation and Food Export-Northeast’s assistance.

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Artic Tool & Engineering

When the Carlyle Johnson Machine Company (CJMC) – the Connecticut-based parent company of wholly owned subsidiary Artic Tool & Engineering Company – decided to

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Dassault Systemes SIMULIA

With the help of the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation, Dassault Systemes (DS) SIMULIA moved into its new 100,000-square-foot, Class A space located in the

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