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REF Educational Materials

The REF is a member of the Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA). CESA, in partnership with the George Washington University Solar Institute, has released three short videos for consumers who are considering adopting solar. The three videos (below) provide even-handed information for consumers who are deciding whether to install solar. These videos are designed to ensure consumers make the best solar choices that works for them.

        1. Rooftop Solar Financing 101
          • Introduces three common solar financing methods: loans, leases, and power purchase agreements (PPAs) and briefly explains some of the advantage and disadvantages of each.

          Rooftop Solar Financing 101 from GW Solar Institute on Vimeo.

        2. Choosing a Solar Installer
            • Offers advice for customers in selecting a solar contractor, questions that customers should ask a solar contractor, and information that should be included in a solar contractor’s bid.

          Choosing A Solar Installer from GW Solar Institute on Vimeo.

        3. Will Solar Panels Save You Money?
            • Discusses key questions homeowners should explore when assessing whether going solar makes financial sense, including how the cost of solar compares to savings from solar, how the federal tax credit works, and the extent to which a homeowner’s electricity bill can be offset by solar.

          Will Solar Save You Money? from GW Solar Institute on Vimeo.

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